Welsh Fencing

Welsh Closed Events are events organised by Welsh Fencing, designed and delivered for the Welsh Fencing community.  They include youth and senior events.

Proposed New Welsh Patch

Over the last few days, we have been running a poll over the proposed design of a new patch.  It has generated a lot of comment, both through email and through social media in general. 

It's clear that we didn't get this right, so we have 'pulled' the poll and are proposing an alternative approach to ensure we get a broader input from the Membership, both in terms of design and in selection.

Our intention is to offer you all the opportunity to submit your thoughts over a proposed design, whether that is to retain the existing design, to use a traditional design, or to use a more modern style.  You are also invited to submit your own designs.  Please submit those designs and ideas to me by 21st December, 2017.

Clearly, there will be more designs than we can reasonably submit for public selection.  We therefore propose to establish an independent selection panel, who will be charged with reducing down all those ideas submitted to a more manageable number for public selection.  That selection panel needs to be representative of all members of Welsh Fencing. The Board will have the final decision over who is on that Selection Panel, but only to ensure it is fully representative.  The Selection Panel will have the final decision on the designs to be submitted to the Membership.  If you are interested in being involved in that selection panel, please let me know, again by 21st December.

Mark Ridsdale


Welsh Events Calendar

Sun Jan 7, 2018 - Welsh National Championships
Sun Jan 28, 2018 - Coaching Development Session
Sun Feb 4, 2018 - O'Sullivan Cup 2018
Sun Feb 11, 2018 - BYC Qualifiers (Epee)
Sun Feb 18, 2018 - BYC Qualifiers (Sabre)
Sun Feb 25, 2018 - BYC Qualifiers (Foil)
Sun Mar 11, 2018 - Welsh National Team Championships
Sun Apr 8, 2018 - Welsh Youth Foil
Sun Apr 15, 2018 - Welsh Youth Epee
Sun Apr 22, 2018 - Welsh Youth Sabre


Welsh Fencing manage a schedule of events for its Members.  This means that your Membership must be up-to-date and you MUST be affiliated to Welsh Fencing in order to fence in any of these events.  Membership records will be checked when you enter any event. Clearly, if you do not meet these criteria, you will be unable to compete. If you wish to review or renew your Membership, please check the Membership page.

There are schedules of events for youth fencers as well as adult fencers.  Adult fencers clearly cannot fence in youth events; however, youth fencers MAY fence in adult events, provided they meet the minimum age criteria stated by BFA.  For details of age groups and equipment requirements, read the following article: Youth Age Groups & Equipment.

Safety is also important.  BFA have published guidelines on safety (safety-guidelines/) and clothing(592_chart_of_2006_clothing_rules.pdf). Please familiarise yourself with these, as Welsh Fencing will conform with these guidelines.

Competition Entry

This part of the website shows the full Welsh Fencing Event Calendar.  We prefer online access to all events (Enter Online), but if you would prefer to enter by post, with a cheque, you will also find all the Entry Forms.  You can also find out exactly who has entered for which event: Current Competition Entries.

Youth Entries

Each year there is confusion around the age groups in which children fence.  This is governed by their age on the 1st January in the season.  To simplify things, we have created are article defining exactly which age fence in which group, based on their birth year.  This also clarifies weapon sizes and equipment requirements: Youth Age Groups & Equipment.  If anything is still not clear, feel free to drop me a line.