Welsh Open 2017 Result

For a full set of results from the Welsh Open 2017, please follow the link.

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The full results of the BYC Qualifiers (Foil) 2017 are ...

Under 18

1 DEREK, Lee Man Kit Russell Swords Y
2 DAVIES, Jack Wrexham Y
3T CLAYS, Daniel Team Melia Cymru Y
3T WILLIAMS, Matthew Russell Swords Y
5 SMITH, Joe Team Melia Cymru  


1 REGNART-BUTLER, Eleanor Wrexham Y
2 DAVIES, Lily Bristol Y


Under 16

1 GIBBON, Rhodri Russell Swords Y
2 GRAVELLE, Macsen Russell Swords Y
3 WALKER, Daniel Russell Swords Y
1 DAWE, Phoebe Russell Swords Y
2 EDWARDS, Megan Celtic Mini Fencing Y
3T BARBIERI, Olivia Team Melia Cymru Y
3T BRITTON, Louisa Cardiff Y


Under 14

1 HOWARTH, OLIVER Russell Swords Y
2 SKEEN, Oliver Charterhouse Y
3T KLOSS, James Russell Swords Y
3T FOURACRE-EVANS, Morgan Russell Swords Y
5 OBRIEN, Alex Russell Swords  
6 SMITH, Alex Team Melia Cymru  
7 SWAINSON, Owen Russell Swords  
8 BEHRENS, Tomas Russell Swords  
9 MAIMONE, Will Celtic Mini Fencing  
10 MAHER, Amr Cardiff Fencing Club  
1 WILLIAMS, Seren Russell Swords Y
2 CRAIG, Rhiannon Team Melia Cymru Y
3 HOWARTH, Amelia Russell Swords Y


Under 12

1 ZHANG, Ryan Russell Swords Fencing Club Y
2 EVANS, Lewys Celtic Mini Fencing Y
3T JACKSON, Rhys Mini Celtic Fencing Club Y
3T EASTWOOD, Cai Fairfield Y
5 COLE, Dan Lampeter Town Fencing  
6 DUDLEY, Dewi John Lampeter Town Fencing Club   
7 SPILLANE, James Cardiff Fencing Club   
8 MOHANTY, KARAN Russell Swords  
1 THOMAS, Ellie Russell Swords Y
2 RUSSELL, Amelie Vale Y
3T LLOYD, Eloise Team Melia Cymru Y
3T BLUNT, EMILY Cardiff Fencing Club Y