Welsh Open 2017 Result

For a full set of results from the Welsh Open 2017, please follow the link.

Coaches Register Updates (Feb)

British Fencing publishes, periodically, a list of BFA Coaches together with their relevant weapon qualifications.

Welsh Events Calendar

Calendar of Welsh events, including Senior events, Youth events, Coaching workshops and Youth Development Session with online entry forms.


In line with British Fencing changing their point allocation system, Welsh Fencing will be applying a multiplier of 100 for points achieved at BRC U17 events for our U15 rankings.

This means that whatever BF award, you will be x100 for the Youth League.

We want to encourage attendance to these events and feel that an U15 gaining points at a cadet competition is worth recognising - so points will appear on the U15 rankings if you place in the top 80% in line with the BF system.

The awards for the Welsh Youth League 2016 have now been finalised, and we are pleased to announce the winners of each weapon and age group:

1. What changes have been made so far?

This year we have introduced the different age categories into the rankings so that fencers can see their position within their own age group, as well as their rank in Wales covering all U15 fencers. Prizes for the top rank will still only be given with the overall ranking in mind, but this way younger fencers can still feel a sense of achievement within their age group. With this in mind, we have added the U11 categories of competitions to the results. Elite Epee series has also been added to the list of events.

2. Why am I not on the list?

Fencers who are 14 years old or younger on 1st January, and are affiliated to Welsh Fencing will be included in the rankings. For this year this means fencers born in 2001 and younger.

3. Why are there some on the list who fence in an English club?

Any fencer eligible to fence for Wales, and is affiliated to Welsh Fencing is included in the rankings.

4. How do you decide on how many points to award people?

This can be a little tricky to understand at first. Lets say the fencers that finished 1-4 at the BYC's at U14s all enter a competition. They are worth 10 NIF points each (see table on website) This gives the competition a NIF of 40. You then times the NIF by the correct multiplier depending on the finishing position. 1st place would get 40x20 points (800), 2nd place would get 40x17 points (680) and joint third would each get 40x14 points (560). Your top 6 results make up your total points. It is designed so that if you do well at a harder competition with better people present, then the amount of points you get reflects this. Older fencers are worth more points as it is harder for an 14 year old to win at U15, than an 10 year old to win at U11. Points for cadet competitions are the same amount of points given by British fencing, As these are the toughest events U15s do they are worth the most points.

5. I'm not on the rankings but I should be.

Please don't hesitate to drop me an email (link on website) and I will look into it.

6. I think other competitions should be added to the list.

Drop me an email and let me know what the events are. I will put the proposal forward and get them added. The Elite Epee series has already been suggested, and will be added from January 2016.

7. Will the list be used for selection purposes?

Yes, the list will be used for selection of School Games and Cadet Winton, once any mandated selection criteria have been applied, and after the Junior and Cadet rankings have been considered.

8. What events should I consider?

The following events are all used in the creation of the Welsh Youth League,

  • British Youth Championships
  • Welsh Youth Championships
  • Welsh BYC Qualifier
  • Cadet BRC U17 events including Cadet British Championships and UK internationals such as Manchester and Camden.
  • LPJS events U11, U13 and U15 categories
  • For foil: Newham Swords challenge.
  • For epee: Elite Epee junior series.
  • For sabre: Stratford and Manchester U14 events.

If you would like us to consider additional events, please contact Fran Russell.


Welsh Fencing is pleased to announce the creation of the Welsh Youth League.  Francesca Whalley has agreed to co-ordinate the program and Russell Swords have volunteered to host/run the South Wales regional event at the Cardiff Academy of Fencing.

This is designed to create a ranking system similar to that used by England Fencing to encourage young fencers to compete more regularly and provide a more accurate assessment of their level/progress in pre-cadet age groups. The system will use existing events and new regional competitions to create a ranking for Welsh U15 fencers in all three weapons. By applying a NIF (or 'relative difficulty') to an event, we are able to translate positions into points, which means that we can create a league independent of age-groupings.

Ranking events will include:

1. Welsh Youth Championships
2. British Youth Championships
3. Cadet BRC events
4. Welsh BYC Qualifiers
5. LPJS events
6. Elite Epee
7. Sabre U14 events
8. South Wales Regional (new event)
9. North Wales Regional (new event)

Points from these events will be collated and, at the end of each season, (December) prizes/medals awarded to the top ranked fencers.  

The rankings will also be a useful tool for selection of younger team members for the Cadet Winton and School Games. This could be referred to after the cadet rankings should there be fewer than 4 Welsh fencers on the cadet circuit.

All of Wales will be invited to both regional events (as we are of course one region). Categories will be U11, U13 and U15 to give those who only fence within Wales more of a mix of opponents rather than being in line with the Welsh Youth events and having the same fencers in each category.

For full details, see the new section of the website. Select 'Welsh Youth League' from the 'Competitions' menu option.

The Welsh Youth League will be organised by Fran Whalley, of Russell Swords.  To contact her, please either follow the contacts page, or email her direct at fran@welshfencing.org.

Points System

  • Points will be awarded to those finishing in the top 50% of each category, (or 75% for cadets) providing their finishing position is within the L32
  • Top 6 results will count towards rankings

The points for a competition are calculated by multiplying the NIF x Position multiplier.

To work out the fencers NIF value the table below would be used. After the BYC’s in May the NIF is reset and fencers are allocated their new value which they hold until the following May.

Competition PositionPositionNIF Score
Cadet Rankings Top 6 15
(based on rankings on the date of the BYCs) 7th-12th 13
  13th-20th 11
U16 BYCs Qualified 3
  L16 9
  L8 11
  L4 13
U14 BYCs Qualified 2
  L16 6
  L8 8
  L4 10
U12 BYCs Qualified 1
  L16 2
  L8 3
  L4 5
Non-NIF fencers N/A  0.25


Position Multipliers

The conventional position multipliers that are used at senior competitions are designed to spread over 64 places, and are not ideal for a system that only gives points for a L32, or for comps with only 15 to 20 entries. We therefore recommend the EF U15 ranking multiplier which is as follows:

Place Mult Place Mult Place Mult Place Mult
1 20 9 5 17 2 25 1.68
2 17 10 4.8 18 1.96 26 1.64
3 14 11 4.6 19 1.92 27 1.6
3 14 12 4.4 20 1.88 28 1.56
5 11 13 4.2 21 1.84 29 1.52
6 10 14 4 22 1.8 30 1.48
7 9 15 3.8 23 1.76 31 1.44
8 8 16 3.6 24 1.72 32 1.4