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Programme Structure and Content


The programme will encompass all athletes and at times will be divided into separate age groups. While many sessions will be delivered in tandem there will be specialised content delivered to each age group. We will be looking for our more experienced athletes to display leadership and mentorship skills in the programme, and provide our younger athletes with aspirational training partners.

Key content and aims:

  • Programme focused on allowing athletes to develop their fencing, sporting and mental skills in challenging environments – specifically developed in line with Wales team values, concepts running throughout the technical, physical and tactical of individuals and the group.
  • Bringing athletes together in a sporting and social setting to improve peer relationships
  • Dedicated, personalised support and tailored development
  • Focusing on athlete-led development where by fencers take ownership of personal development shaped by coaches
  • Including wider and complex external support topics – including SAQ, nutrition, psychology, video-analysis, goal-setting, training methodology
  • Targeted training - including conditional based and game based scenario’s - allowing for expression and creativity in problem solving
  • Ability to create a rigorous and informative set of data (from both training and competition) to inform about the position of Welsh Fencing and fencers.


  • 6 bespoke training days
  • 4-day ADPC training camp
  • On-going remote support - virtual sessions where applicable
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