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To be eligible to fence for a Welsh team you MUST satisfy one of the following criteria (1-3) plus satisfy criteria (4).




Eligibility by place of birth

Fencer must have been born in Wales


Eligibility through Welsh parentage

At least one of the fencer’s natural parents must have been born in Wales, OR one of the grandparents were born in Wales


Eligibility through residency

You are normally resident in Wales and have been for at least 24 months prior to selection


No previous representation of another Home Country

Fencer may not have represented another Home Country within one year of the competition at which they wish to be considered for Welsh representation

For clarity reference to a parent or grandparent is a reference to a biological parent or grandparent; this includes a parent or grandparent resulting from a legal adoption but excludes step relationships.

In addition to the above to be eligible for selection to a team a fencer must be:

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