Welsh Fencing

Proposed New Welsh Patch

Over the last few days, we have been running a poll over the proposed design of a new patch.  It has generated a lot of comment, both through email and through social media in general. 

It's clear that we didn't get this right, so we have 'pulled' the poll and are proposing an alternative approach to ensure we get a broader input from the Membership, both in terms of design and in selection.

Our intention is to offer you all the opportunity to submit your thoughts over a proposed design, whether that is to retain the existing design, to use a traditional design, or to use a more modern style.  You are also invited to submit your own designs.  Please submit those designs and ideas to me by 21st December, 2017.

Clearly, there will be more designs than we can reasonably submit for public selection.  We therefore propose to establish an independent selection panel, who will be charged with reducing down all those ideas submitted to a more manageable number for public selection.  That selection panel needs to be representative of all members of Welsh Fencing. The Board will have the final decision over who is on that Selection Panel, but only to ensure it is fully representative.  The Selection Panel will have the final decision on the designs to be submitted to the Membership.  If you are interested in being involved in that selection panel, please let me know, again by 21st December.

Mark Ridsdale


The list below, which will be updated each month, shows those WF Coaches who are coaching in Wales, and are on the British Coaches Register, and therefore insured to coach. Entry onto the list also requires that the coach must have current certification showing the coach has DBS (previously CRB), must hold an Emergency First Aid at Work, or First Aid at Work (6 hr course only one acceptable) in the last 3 years – A Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certificate in the last 3 years, and must be a current member of British Fencing. Only those over 18 years of age may be on the Register.

Unless listed below, Coaches are not covered for their activity, and it is the responsibility of clubs to only use/employ Registered Coaches.

We would also like to draw Coaches/Clubs attention to a recent circular from the BFA which says:

We would like to take this opportunity to remind coaches that unless they have taken out their own private cover, only coaches listed on the Coaches Register are covered to deliver coaching sessions. We urge all clubs and registered coaches to ensure that anyone delivering coaching in their clubs is on the coach register.

Within the cover we provide to registered coaches we would like to remind coaches that if they are coaching groups outside their level of training they may not be covered for your coaching work’

Welsh Fencing Coaches on BFA Coaches Register

The list and status below is accurate as of the 'Last Updated Date' of this article.

Entries in RED indicates that some, or all of the documentation required for Registration is missing or time expired which could affect coach status. The person named must contact the National Development Administrator within 3 months of the above date or their name will be removed from this register

Name County Foil Epee Sabre
Alistair Brook Cardiff     2
Nick Charles Cardiff     1
Michael Clemitson Cardiff   1  
Eddie Cooper Carmarthen 1   1
Alun Davies Ceredigion   1  
Carl Difford Newport 2    
Stephen Dignam Swansea 2 2 2
Michael Evans-Jones Wrexham 1    
Beatrice Fannon Cardiff   1  
David Gregory Wrexham 5 5 5
Thomas Gulliver Wrexham 1    
Jayne Hanlon Flintshire 1    
Jacob Houghton Gwynedd 1    
Geoff Keay Caerphilly   1 1
John Lambert Rhyl   1  
Gareth Law Swansea 1 1 1
Lyndon Martin Bridgend 3 3 2
Lynne Melia Monmouthshire 4 3 2
Andrew Pearson Cardiff   1  
Steven Poyser Cardiff 1 1  
David Rees Rhondda Cynon Taf 1 1 1
Lyn Robinson Vale of Glamorgan 2 2  
Peter Russell Newport 5 5 5
Francesca Russell Cardiff     2
Sean Slater Ceredigion 2 2 2
Anne Stewart Cardiff 5 5 3
Peter Stewart Cardiff 5 5 5
Pamela Sykes Conwy 1    
Stephen Taylor Bridgend     1
Stephen Williams Ceredigion 2    


To access the full list of BFA Registered Coaches (including Coaches in England Fencing), follow the link to the BFA website: http://www.britishfencing.com/courses/coach/coach_register