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The Community Pages part of the website is designed to offer clubs the opportunity to advertise their activities more widely.  It can be used for competitions, training camps or pretty much anything.  The only proviso is that the Club must be affiliated to Welsh Fencing.

How do I get my article onto the Community Pages?

First of all, you will need to create the necessary article on your own website.  We do not host the article - we will only link to it.  That way you can easily  keep it up to date and add any further documents yourself.  To request that your article be published, you will need to send an email detailing the request to webmaster@welshfencing.org along with a  link to the article to be advertised.  We will also need to know when to take the link down.  Once we have received your request, we will review it and make a decision as to whether we will accept it or not.  


Readers are asked to note that Welsh Fencing cannot accept responsibility for the quality, safe delivery or operation of any products advertised or mentioned in the Community Pages. Acceptance of advertisements does not imply any form of approval or recommendation. All requests are subject to the scrutiny of Welsh Fencing who reserves the right to refuse, amend, withdraw, or otherwise deal with articles submitted to it at its absolute discretion and without explanation.

At the recent Open Forum, Viv Lancey offered to make Sports Massage/Physiotherapy available to the WF Membership at reduced rates through the use of Sports Massage students.  She has asked me to advertise the following:

"The following are sets of dates at which anyone can book a sports massage session:

  • Thursday 29 June - Sunday 2nd July 2017 inclusive
  • Thursday 3rd August - Sunday 6th August 2017 inclusive.

There are two options: either a 30min session with a Sports Massage student (overseen by a qualified practitioner) at a cost of £10 (to cover the facility, laundry & oil) or a full assessment and treatment of 60min with a qualified practitioner for £40.

The venue would be:

The Centre,
33 The Parade
CF24 3AD

There is a free carpark behind the building and a slot can be booked by phoning Stella on 07854324367.

The intent is to undertake a similar system for physiotherapy in the near future and again I will alert you to these sessions when the dates are confirmed."