Welsh Open 2017 Result

For a full set of results from the Welsh Open 2017, please follow the link.

Coaches Register Updates (Feb)

British Fencing publishes, periodically, a list of BFA Coaches together with their relevant weapon qualifications.

Welsh Events Calendar

Calendar of Welsh events, including Senior events, Youth events, Coaching workshops and Youth Development Session with online entry forms.

Individual Membership


New Members - click here to apply online for membership: https://bf.sport80.com/register/membership?id_add_on=2

Existing Members - click here to renew your membership online: https://bf.sport80.com/register/membership_renewals?id_add_on=2

Please note: if you have not registered/used the bf.sport80.com website, please click on 'I do not have an account with Sport80' once you arrive at the bf.sport80.com link and follow the instructions.

For full details of the current Membership Categories and benefits, please follow the link below.  These are currently being changed to reflect a new Membership Scheme.

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Membership Administration


The CRUFTS database now gives Club Secretaries & other club officials online access to WF membership details - whether to check members in your own club, new members, or for organizing competitions. To apply for access, please contact Michael Clemitson, the Crufts Administrator on crufts@welshfencing.org


Since 2004 Welsh Fencing Membership for Clubs & Individuals has been handled centrally by the BFA.

Although this system has worked reasonably well, in order to keep Clubs abreast of the number / names of WF members in their Clubs, we hope to forward regular lists to Clubs, with a view to ensuring that all fencers are affiliated to Welsh Fencing at the appropriate level.

Michael Clemitson (of Whitchurch Fencing Club) has kindly agreed to do this for us, and Club Secretaries will shortly be receiving a printout by email.

Michael can be contacted on membershipadmin@welshfencing.org, in case of any questions/amendments arising.

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BFA has launched a new membership scheme (http://britishfencing.com/membership/new_membership_scheme/), which introduces a new range of membership categories.  This will have an impact on our youth fencing community as different categories of membership will have access to different types of event.

In order to provide a coherent pathway, the Board has decided the following categorisation of youth events in Wales will apply from the start of the 2016/2017 season:

  • Competitive
    The British Youth Championship Qualifiers will be designated as Competitive events; fencers will therefore require the Compete level of membership (either at Under 13 or at Under 20 age groups) to fence in these events;
  • NGB Development
    The Welsh Youth Foil, Epee and Sabre events will be designated as NGB Development events; fencers will therefore only require Recreational level of membership to be able to fence at these.  Fencers with Compete membership will also be able to fence at these events.
  • Recreational
    BFA introduced the Recreational category in order to encourage 'clubs, counties and regions to embrace opportunities to provide new fencing opportunities experiences aimed at people who wish to engage in fencing in different and less traditional ways'.  Welsh Fencing intend to support this by the introduction of a new set of events to be introduced next season. Fencers will be able to access these events with a Recreational membership.  Fencers with Compete membership will also be able to fence at these events.

We therefore invite coaches, clubs and fencers to respond to this by proposing ideas of how this new series of events could be structured, organised and run. Welsh Fencing will support this by provision of facilites and equipment at the Sport National Centre, Sophia Gardens, and by registering the events with BFA. Please ensure you review the definitions provided by BFA when you are developing these ideas, as BFA have outlined a clear set of characteristics of recreational events.

Please send your ideas direct to the Chairman, at chairman@welshfencing.org


Over the past few months discussions have taken place with BFA and all the Home Countries to develop a new Membership Scheme. The new categories – Starter, Recreational, Compete, and Support, will gradually replace the existing categories (Full, Junior, Musketeer, etc) as members renew, and new members join, from mid-February onwards.

For full details please see - www.britishfencing.com/membership/new_membership_scheme


Only current holders of Welsh memberships will be allowed to enter Welsh Closed events, and represent Wales.

Fencers with Welsh eligibility but holding membership in another Home Country must therefore, if wishing to participate, get their membership changed in sufficient time prior to submitting an entry or wishing to be considered for Welsh selection.

Criteria for Welsh membership:

  • Born in Wales
  • Parent born in Wales
  • Grandparent born in Wales
  • Resident in Wales
  • Have fenced for Wales

For clarity reference to a parent or grandparent is a reference to a biological parent or grandparent; this includes a parent or grandparent resulting from a legal adoption but excludes step relationships.

Fencers selected to represent Wales will be required to meet the eligibility criteria of the event concerned. Members are advised that this may sometimes be different from current Welsh Qualification Criteria and therefore preclude them from selection. 

For example Commonwealth selection does not permit qualification at Grandparent level, but at Parent level.  There is an appeal process for this, primarily based on residence.  The form cam be found on the Commonwealth Fencing Federation website (http://www.commonwealthfencing.org/) here: http://www.commonwealthfencing.org/docs/130630CFFEligibilityAppeal.pdf