Welsh Open 2017 Result

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The Executive Board of Welsh Fencing are pleased to confirm the teams for the Sainsbury's School Games 2015.

Venue: Bolton Arena, Manchester
Dates: 3rd-6th September 2015

Congratulations to the fencers, their clubs and coaches.

Team are listed in alphabetical order.

*  These fencers have achieved automatic selection

  Men's Women's

Jack Cafaro *
Owen Edwards
Jan Kristof Gibbon
George Morris *
NTR: Daniel Schoen

Hannah Boyle
Alys Edwards *
Elin Gordon
Katie Rawlins *
NTR: Emma Gordon
NTR: Abigail Watkins


Jack Davies
George Dolan *
Celyn Lewis *
Sam Tushingham
NTR: Hugh Kocan
NTR: Harri Hayes

Eleanor Regnart-Butler
Heulwen Hill
Su Ko
Alice Watson
NTR: Rebeccah Williams


Isaac Florence *
Tom Jackson *
Ethan Ren *
Henry Talbot*
NTR: Dylan Jones
NTR: William Jolley

Cushla Gray
Lauren Oakman
Stephanie Phennah
Megan Ware
NTR: Erin Corcoran


Team Staff:

Lyn Robinson (Team Manager)
Jayne Hanlon (Foil)
Lynne Melia (Epee)
Peter Russell (Sabre)