Welsh Open 2017 Result

For a full set of results from the Welsh Open 2017, please follow the link.

Coaches Register Updates (Feb)

British Fencing publishes, periodically, a list of BFA Coaches together with their relevant weapon qualifications.

Welsh Events Calendar

Calendar of Welsh events, including Senior events, Youth events, Coaching workshops and Youth Development Session with online entry forms.

Please find below the Wales Regional Team selected for the Cadet Winton 2012:


Team Officials Nick Hawksworth
Patricia Shepherd-Foster
Lisa Evans
Men’s Foil George Dolan
Jacob Houghton
Celyn Lewis
Maximilian Zinn
Men’s Epee Jack Cafaro
Keir McGillivray
George Morris
Lewis Stiens
Men’s Sabre Christopher Barker
Matthew Cowell
Isaac Florence
Dylan Jones 
Women’s Foil Molly Baker
Eleanor Regnart-Butler
Catrin Smith
Rebeccah Williams
 Women’s Epee Elin Gordon
Emma Gordan
Katie Rawlins
Aisling Tarpey 
Women’s Sabre Bronwen Lee
Teresa Norejko
Anna Platz-Twells
Megan Ware