Welsh Open 2017 Result

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Congratulations to the following who have been selected to represent Wales at the forthcoming Sainsbury's UK School Games.

This has been an annual event since London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics, and this year is to be held at the London 2012 Olympic Park. It is a multi-sport event hosted & run along the lines of a major sporting championship (such as the Olympic Games), and is intended to provide athletes an insight into competing at this level.

Further details can be found here: http://www.2012schoolgames.com/

The event to be held at the start of May, will be one of the last events to be hosted at the Olympic facilities prior to London 2012.

Congratulations to all the fencers (and their coaches) and good luck at the championships!


Epee 1 Will Sturgeon
2 George Hawksworth
3 Alex Edwards
4 Aled Scudamore
Res Sam Boyle
1 Katie Rawlins
2 Martha James
3 Katie Davies-Gregory
4 Catrin Smith
Res Hannah Bevan
Foil 1 Scott Ostacchini
2 Ethan Ridsdale
3 Jacob Houghton
4 Celyn Lewis
Res Peter Idziaszczyk
1 Steph Collister
2 Elen Tomlinson
3 Elinor Robinson
4 Hannah Douch
Res Rebecca Williams
Sabre 1 James Potter
2 Nathan Potter
3 William James
4 Isaac Broadbent
1 Harriet Dixon
2 Tess Norejko
3 Olwen Marshall
4 Bronwen Lee
Res Rose Gwillim-Thomas