Welsh Open 2017 Result

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The entire Welsh team, showing determination, confidence and tremendous team spirit, are to be commended on their efforts in Manchester. Some sterling individual and well fought Team matches enabled Wales to achieve a collection of medals.

Nathan Potter, in this his last games, in particular should be commended on his great effort, fencing whilst nursing an ankle injury, sustained during a DE bout, resulting in an individual bronze medal. He continued to fence in the team enabling the men's sabre team to win through to the gold/silver play-offs. Due to the injury he was unable to compete in the final against the English.  The rest of the team of Isaac Florence, Tom Jackson & Ethan Ren demonstrated tremendous team spirit and determination throughout the match, but were unable to match the English, thus taking the team silver.

Ethan Ridsdale in this his last games fought well in all his DE's to achieve a bronze in the individuals to accompany his bronze in 2013 and Silver in 2012.

Jack Cafaro, in his first games was a force to be reckoned with, his fleche caused his opponents a lot of problems, helping him to take the bronze.

In the ladies Epee team match against the Irish, team tactics provided a nail-biting conclusion; the score equal with one second remaining, the Irish appeared to have it in the bag, but due to a technical problem with the timer, the hit was annulled and the time reset to one second, (anybody remember London 2012 ladies epee) Katie Rawlins, cool and calm under pressure, took point in line and when her Irish opponent fleched got the all important single light, winning the Bronze for the ladies epee team.

In the spirit of the games, the ladies sabre team (bronze medal) offered one of our fencers to the Irish to allow them to have a team to take part in the team competition, forming a "Barbarian" team, which the organisers allowed, but unfortunately just before the matches were due to start another of the Irish girls had to withdraw due to injury, leaving three teams to fence off, the girls fought with a lot of spirit but were unable to stop the English.

Individual Medals

Bronze: Nathan Potter (Men's Sabre)
Bronze: Ethan Ridsdale (Men's Foil)
Bronze: Jack Cafaro (Men's Epee)

Team Medals

Silver - Men's Sabre
Silver - Men's Epee
Bronze - Women's Epee
Bronze - Women's Sabre