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Day 7

A big day for Wales, with two strong teams and good seeding due to the successes in the individuals.  The Men's Epee Team (George Morris, Jack Cafaro, Sam Boyle, Dylan Jones, Ethan Ridsdale) were seeded 3, and the Men's Sabre Team (Nathan Potter, Isaac Florence, Ethan Ren, Tom Jackson and Henry Talbot) were seeded 2.

The Men's Epee Team had a bye through to the L8, where they met and defeated Australia 45:37.  The semi-final against RSA was a tightly contested affair, and went down to the priority minute, with Wales losing by 38:39 due to a hit in the very last second.  This was a fabulous fight to watch and the team can only be congratulated for their combined efforts.  They won the Bronze medal by defeating India 45:31.

The Men's Sabre Team quickly defeated RSA by 45:22 to move into the semi-final against Scotland. Again, Wales were dominant, winning by 45:34.  The final against England was quite a physical fight, with England taking victory by 45:30.  The Wales team can be proud of their Silver medal.

Day 6

Mens Team Foil (Ethan Ridsdale, Celyn Lewis, Sam Boyle) - A tough fight with Sam standing in as foilist for the day, Wales were seeded 6 and met India in the L8.  The team worked hard but were not quite able to win, losing a tight fight by 43:45.  Of particular note was Sam's attempted foot-hit, which certainly entertained the referees.

Day 5

Junior Men's Epee (Sam Boyle, Jack Cafaro, George Morris).  Following the poules, George was ranked 5 (4 victories out of 5), Sam was ranked 15 (3 victories out of 5) and Jack was ranked 19 (also with 3 victories out of 5). All 3 quickly progressed through to the L32, but none were able to progress out of the L16. George went out to Tychler (RSA) to finish in 9th place, Sam lost to Lim (SIN) to finish in 11th place, and Jack lost to Boyce (NZL) to finish in 13th place.

Day 4

Junior Men's Sabre (Nathan Potter, Isaac Florence, Ethan Ren, Henry Talbot, Tom Jackson).  This was a big event for Wales with five strong entrants.  Following the poules Nathan was ranked 2 (6 victories out of 6), Ethan was ranked 6 (5 victories out of 6), Tom was ranked 13 (with 4 victories out of 6), Henry was ranked 15 (with 4 victories out of 6) and Isaac was ranked 17 (with 3 victories out of 6).

Isaac defeated Boyd-Hoare (AUS) in the L32, taking him into the L16 where he lost to the eventual silver medallist Gander-Compton (ENG). Isaac's final placing was 14.

Tom lost to Walwyn (JER) in his L32 bout, and had a final placing of 18.

Ethan defeated Hudson (GUE) in his L32 fight and Lang-Smith (JER) in his L16 fight to move into the L8 against Deary (ENG).  Follwoing a very tight bout, Ethan was defeated 11:15, leaving his final placing as 5.

Henry defeated Wolski (RSA) in the L32 to move into the L16.  Nathan defeated Aldous-Granby in the L32 to move into the L16.  This meant that Henry and Nathan met in the L16. Henry took victory to move into the L8, leaving Nathan to finish in 9th place.  Henry met Williams (ENG) in the L8, and defeated him in a very close bout by 15:14 to move into the semi-finals.  Here he met Deary (ENG), and was defeated to finish the day in Bronze medal place.

Day 3

Junior Mens Foil (Ethan Ridsdale, Celyn Lewis) - Following the poules, Ethan was ranked 9, having won 4 out of his 6 bouts, with Celyn ranked 29.  Ethan had earned a bye through the L64, and quickly defeated his L32 opponent (Walker-Hale(NZL) 15:8.  His L16 bought was against Ong (SIN), who defeated Ethan.  Ong went on to win the Silver medal. Ethan finished in 9th place.  Celyn defeated Mahy (GUE) in his L64 fight to move into the L32 against the number 4 ranked fencer, Gabrelja (NZL).  Celyn quickly took control and defeated his 15:9.  Celyn met Rusell (SCO) in the L16. Celyn defeated Russel 15:13, holding off a spirited fightback, to earn his place in the L8.  Here he met Lloyd (ENG), the eventual Gold medallist and was flicked to death, 15:2. Celyn finished the evnt in 8th place. 

Junior Womens Sabre (Megan Ware) - Still smiling from her Silver medal, Megan fenced the Junior event simply intending to enjoy herself.  She was ranked 19 follwoing the poules, not having won any of her bouts.  She fell to Fourie (RSA) in the L32 to finish the event in 19th place.

Day 2

Cadet Men's Epee (George Morris, Jack Cafaro) - Following the poules, George was ranked 10th, having won 4 out of his 6 fights, with Jack ranked 17 having won 3 fights out of 5. Both fencers had bye through the L64 and quickly moved through the L32 into the L16.  There, Jack met Matthew Dickinson (ENG), the eventual Silver medallist, and lost 8:15.  Jack's final placing was 15.  George, however, defeated Kozma (RSA) to move into the L8.  Here he defeated Ogilvie (NZL) by 15:13 to move into the semi-finals.  George lost to Benjamin Schneider (ENG) by 10:15, finishing the day with the Bronze medal.

Cadet Mens Sabre (Tom Jackson, Dylan Jones, Henry Talbot) - Tom finished the poules ranked 6 having won 4 of his 5 fights, Dylan won 3 out of 4 to rank 8, but Henry failed to win any bouts leaving him ranked 26.  This left Henry with a tough L32 fight, and he went out 10:15 to Gentz (SCO), the number 7 seed.  Tom and Dylan had easy fights in the L32 to move into the L16.  In the L16, Tom defeated Boyd-Hoare (AUS) by 15:7 to take his place in the L8; Dylan defeated Alvares-Peres (SCO) by 15:11 in a particularly tough fight.  Tom and Dylan both went out in the L8, with Tom's final placing being 6 and Dylan finishing in 8th place.  Henry's final placing was 26.

Day 1

Saturday was the first day of competitive fencing for the Wales team, with fencers in both Cadet Men's Foil and Cadet Women's Sabre.

Cadet Men's Foil (Celyn Lewis) - Following the poules, Celyn was seeded 9, having won 3 of his 5 poule fights.  He succesfully negotiated two rounds of D/E before coming up against the eventual winner from Singapore.  Celyn finished the day in seventh place.

Cadet Women's Sabre (Megan Ware) - A great start from Megan saw her win her first two bouts 5:0.  In a poule of seven fencers, she ended the round with 5 victories out of 6, and a ranking of 3 going into the D/Es.  Megan won her L16, L8 and semi-finals to find herself in the Final against Jess Corby of Scotland.  This was just a step too far, and Megan ended the day with the Silver medal.

Both fencers have earned their day of rest tomorrow, before their Junior eventss on Monday.  Both fencers were well supported throughout the day, with Ethan coaching Celyn, and Nathan coaching Megan, and the entire Sabre team ensuring Megan was fully prepared throughout the day.

The cadet men's epee and sabre teams are looking forward to tomorrow. 


After an overnight flight to Cape Town, the team were picked up by coach & taken to their hotel.  With nothing planned for the day, we decided to make the most of the good weather and take a trip to Table Mountain.  It was well worth it!

For our first team photo of the trip, just follow the link: Cape Town Photos.

I will update the folder as more photos are taken, so check back as the week progresses.