Welsh Open 2017 Result

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Congratulations to all fencers who represented the Wales region at this years British Youth Championships!

Another year and another lot of fantastic results to report. This year we took home 14 top 8 finishes, 5 of those being top 4 and one of those a finalist!

Special mentions to:

  • Erin Cocoran - SILVER U14 girls sabre
  • Megan Ware - BRONZE U16 girls sabre
  • Amy Westwell - BRONZE U12 girls sabre
  • Ian Ren - BRONZE U16 boys sabre
  • Henry Talbot - BRONZE U18 boys sabre
  • Gracie Jenkins - 5th Under 14 girls sabre
  • Heulwen Hill - 5th U18 girls foil
  • Abigail Watkins - 5th U16 girls epee
  • Dylan Galazka - 6th U12 boys sabre
  • Charlotte Smith - 7th U12 girls epee
  • Rhiannon Craig - 8th U12 girls epee
  • Jack Cafaro - 8th U18 boys epee
  • Max Brindle - 8th U14 boys sabre
  • Amy Chapman-Parsons - 8th U16 girls sabre

Medals aside, the Welsh contingency showed support not only for fellow club mates, but as a whole body. It was fantastic to watch everyone come together, congratulate and encourage each other throughout the day. We also want to take a moment to thank Owen Edwards, Celyn Lewis and Megan Ware who gave up time to referee as well as compete this year in order to help ensure the competition ran smooth.

Well done, fencers, parents and coaches!

The full results are.....

Under 12


Boys Girls
36 Enzo Bouwer 19 Amelie Russell
43 Tomas Bhrens 24 Seren Williams
54 William Maimone 25 Rhiannon Craig
59 Lewys Evans 48 Emily Blunt


Under 14


Boys Girls
25 Oliver Howarth 31 Louisa Britton
31 James Kloss 39 Olivia Barbieri
32 Macsen Gravelle 43 Megan Edwards
44 Owen Swainson    
48 Morgan Fouracre-Evans
56 Dan Walker    

Under 16


Boys Girls
27 Harri Hayes 32 Lily Rose Lewin Davies
52 Rhodri Gibbon 48 Stephrenia Canty
54 Dylan Ballard    
57 Daniel Clays    

Under 18


Boys Girls
15 Celyn Lewis 5 Heulwen Hill
18 Jack Davies    
21 Owen Edwards    
39 Joe Smith