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Proposed New Welsh Patch

Over the last few days, we have been running a poll over the proposed design of a new patch.  It has generated a lot of comment, both through email and through social media in general. 

It's clear that we didn't get this right, so we have 'pulled' the poll and are proposing an alternative approach to ensure we get a broader input from the Membership, both in terms of design and in selection.

Our intention is to offer you all the opportunity to submit your thoughts over a proposed design, whether that is to retain the existing design, to use a traditional design, or to use a more modern style.  You are also invited to submit your own designs.  Please submit those designs and ideas to me by 21st December, 2017.

Clearly, there will be more designs than we can reasonably submit for public selection.  We therefore propose to establish an independent selection panel, who will be charged with reducing down all those ideas submitted to a more manageable number for public selection.  That selection panel needs to be representative of all members of Welsh Fencing. The Board will have the final decision over who is on that Selection Panel, but only to ensure it is fully representative.  The Selection Panel will have the final decision on the designs to be submitted to the Membership.  If you are interested in being involved in that selection panel, please let me know, again by 21st December.

Mark Ridsdale


IanRenOne of the biggest weekends on the fencing calendar, the Cadet and Junior British National Championships took place at Sports Dock, UEL Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July.

Inspired perhaps by the Wales football win the Friday night before, Welsh fencers took to the piste with a skip in their step and determination to achieve their best.

Ian Ren of Russell Swords was declared the first British Champion of the weekend in Cadet Men's Sabre. A huge achievement at the age of 15.

Congratulations to all the fencers who took part, and best of luck for the rest of the season!

For the full set of Welsh results, click here...

Cadet Girls Epee

Louise Sadler 13th
Abigail Watkins 30th
Alys Edwards 37th

Cadet Boys Foil

Harri Hayes 11th
Rhodri Gibbon 20th
Matthew WIlliams 46th
Daniel Clays 56th

Cadet Girls Foil

Lily Davies 15th
Phoebe Dawe 32nd
Chloe Fielding 34th
Alice Watson 39th

Cadet Boys Sabre

Ian Ren 1st

Cadet Girls Sabre

Erin Corcoran 9th
Megan Ware 13th
Alex Clement 24th

Junior Men's Epee

Owen Edwards 9th
Jack Cafaro 18th
George Morris 29th
Kirstoph Gibbon 48th

Junior Women's Epee

Abigail Watkins 8th
Alys Edwards 39th
Louise Sadler 48th

Junior Men's Foil

Celyn Lewis 16th
Harri Hayes 42nd
Jack Davies 55th
Matthew WIlliams 66th

Junior Women's Foil

Eleanor Regnart-Butler 28th
Chloe Fielding 38th
Heulwen Hill 39th
Phoebe Dawe 42nd
Alice Watson 44th

Junior Men's Sabre

Ethan Ren 10th
Ian Ren 11th
Henry Talbot 24th
Isaac Florence 31st
Tom Jackson 34th
William Jolley 42nd
Daniel George Roberts 55th

Junior Women's Sabre

Erin Corcoran 10th
Megan Ware 17th
Alex Clement 26th