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I am pleased to report that we have scheduled an Open Forum event for Saturday, 6th May, at 10am.  The venue will be the Sport Wales National Centre, Cardiff.  The meeting will be in the Bute Suite.

This will not be a formal event, so please take the opportunity to come along and meet us.

We are interested to hear your thoughts about some ideas we have been developing over the last few months, including:

  • Proposals to add another selection event for U13/U15. We are currently considering Poland for our choice of 6W events;
  • Proposals around the Coach Education Strategy and its development in response to changes at BFA
  • Proposed changes to the youth development sessions
  • Proposed changes to youth events to support ref education & introduction/adherence to new Code of Conduct

Obviously, we are also keen to hear any other comments or feedback you may have.