Welsh Fencing

The News section. This presents information articles about people, clubs and events associated with Welsh Fencing.

Do you think you may be interested in supporting Welsh Fencing by volunteering to help? We always need help, and offering to help may not be an complicated or as time-consuming as you may think.  You may not actually need to do anything!  In some cases, just being at an event is sufficient. 

The first step is to apply for your DBS.  There is no charge for this, and Welsh Fencing will support this process to make it as simple as possible.  For information on how to apply for your DBS, see this page: http://welshfencing.org/index.php/information/dbsregistration.  If you need any help, contact Michael (dbs@welshfencing.org).

You may want to go a step further, and consider being a Club Welfare Officer, or Team Manager.  BFA regularly run Welfare and Team Manager training (http://britishfencing.com/courses/).  In fact, BFA are scheduling welfare training at the BYCs.  You can book for these here: http://britishfencing.com/courses/upcoming-courses/.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please just drop me a line: mark.ridsdale@welshfencing.org.