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The annual equality survey went live a couple of weeks ago, but, as of today, very few responses have been received from Wales.

British Fencing have asked that we raise the profile and ask for more responses from Wales; otherwise any data will be unrepresentative and will have very limited value.

We would be grateful if you could spend just a few minutes to complete this survey.

To complete the survey, please click here.

When doing so, please note the following:
1. The survey is anonymous.
2. The questions are standard equality questions – and you have the option on each question to select ‘Prefer not to say’.
3. The individual responses are not stored on a BF system.
4. Results in summary form will be provided to the Board and Executive of BF, funding partners, and the Boards of Home Countries and will be available on request through Head Office.
5. It takes less than 3 minutes.