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Over the weekend, we have been tightening up the security on the Welsh Fencing website, and now use SSL. Now when you go to the website, you will see a little padlock in the address bar, and you will automatically be directed to the secure site.  This confirms that any data you enter is secure.

SSL is the Secure Socket Layer protocol which is responsible for creating secure communication between client and server. This is done by both server and client authentication and the negotiation of an encryption algorithm and cryptographic keys.  What this means is that any data you enter on the website is automatically encrypted as it is transmitted over the internet. 

This has always been the case for any financial transactions, as we use PayPal for these.  We never hold any financial data about any transactions, such as entry fees.  We dont receive any debit or credit card data, or any PayPal data, which means that any payments you make are secure. 

With SSL, it means that your entry details are also now secure.  Its just a little thing, but is considered 'best practice' in the world of the Internet.