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Many of you may be aware that there are some changes happening to coach education in both Wales and the UK. Below these changes will be outlined, but if you do have any unanswered questions feel free to contact Mr Peter Russell on the details at the bottom.

Welsh Fencing is moving to adopt a new coaching system and strategy, moving anyway from the BAF system and aligning with the new BF system, whilst restructuring the way coach education is delivered and assessed in the region. These two elements will be dealt with separately to avoid confusion, as the delivery strategy element is co-ordinated by WF whilst the overall system and assessment comes under BF.

For full details, see the Coaching page:Coaching

If you have any questions please contact Mr Peter Russell (Coach Education Coordinator)

Tel: 07598324978

Email: peter.russell@welshfencing.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344611152302424/

Welsh Fencing would like to Wish Steve Dignam a very happy retirement from full time coaching at Celtic Mini Fencing Club.

Steve set up the club with his wife Helen in 2012 and since then has contributed massively to grass roots fencing in Wales and led the way in the use of plastic fencing kit in the country.

We hope you enjoy your travels, spending time with your grandchild and getting back into fencing at Celtic Sword!

Our very best wishes.

Congratulations to all fencers who represented the Wales region at this years British Youth Championships!

The full results are.....



U12 Boys

 28 ,  Rhys   JACKSON 

 42 ,  Ryan   ZHANG 

 45 ,  Cai   EASTWOOD 

 47 ,  Lewys   EVANS 

U12 Girls

 11 ,  Ellie   THOMAS 

 18 ,  Amelie   RUSSELL 

 40 ,  Eloise   LLOYD 

 41 ,  Emily   BLUNT 

U14 Boys

 5 ,  Oliver   HOWARTH 

 31 ,  James   KLOSS 

 34 ,  Morgan   FOURACRE-EVANS 

 52 ,  Oliver   SKEEN 

U14 Girls

 37 ,  Rhiannon   CRAIG 

 40 ,  Seren   WILLIAMS 

U16 Boys

 12 ,  Rhodri   GIBBON 

 27 ,  Macsen   GRAVELLE 

U16 Girls

 24 ,  Louisa   BRITTON 

 25 ,  Phoebe   DAWE 

 32 ,  Megan   EDWARDS 

 33 ,  Olivia   BARBIERI 

U18 Boys

 13 ,  Man Kit   LEE 

 21 ,  Jack   DAVIES 

 34 ,  Matthew   WILLIAMS 

 40 ,  Daniel   CLAYS 

U18 Girls

 10 ,  Eleanor   REGNART-BUTLER 




U12 Boys

 16,  Rhys   JACKSON 

 21,  Cai   EASTWOOD 

 24,  Lewys   EVANS 

 39,  Martin   POWER 

U12 Girls

 24,  Ella   HULTON 

 32,  Amelie   RUSSELL 

U14 Boys

 32,  Morgan   FOURACRE-EVANS 

 39,  Richard   POWER 

 56,  Enzo   BOUWER 

U14 Girls

 3 ,  Rebecca   WREYFORD 

 6 ,  Ella   WILLIAMS 

 12 ,  Charlotte   SMITH 

 27 ,  Rhiannon   CRAIG 

 28 ,  Stephanie   WREYFORD 

U16 Boys

 14,  Edward   DON 

 16,  Dylan   BALLARD 

 54,  Miles   WADDINGTON 

U16 Girls

 6,  Abigail   WATKINS 

 14,  Louise   SADLER 

U18 Boys

 6 ,  Man Kit   LEE 

 33 ,  Rhys   WILLIAMS 

 40 ,  Daniel   CLAYS 

U18 Girls

 31 ,  Seren   ALLIN 




U12 Boys

 11 ,  Rhodri   BOORE 

 19 ,  Sebastian   EVANS REEVES 

 21 ,  Benjamin   EDWARDS 

 34 ,  James   CHENG 

U12 Girls

 18 ,  Amelie   RUSSELL 

 19 ,  Ella   HULTON 

U14 Boys

 24 ,  Dylan   GALAZKA 

 45 ,  Henry   NEWTON 

U14 Girls

 10 ,  Amy   WESTWELL 

 14 ,  Oriel   GRAY 

U16 Boys

 30 ,  Max   BRINDLE 

 36 ,  Samuel   WESTWELL 

U16 Girls

 2 ,  Stephanie Elizabeth   PHENNAH 

 5 ,  Erin   CORCORAN 

 15 ,  Alex   CLEMENT 

U18 Boys

 10 ,  Henry   TALBOT 

 15 ,  William   JOLLEY 

 36 ,  Ethan   EVANS 

U18 Girls


This year’s Senior 5 Nations competition was hosted by England at the Manchester Fencing Centre on 5th November. This was my first visit to the venue and I was hugely impressed to see a dedicated fencing venue with 16 permanent metallic pistes, in a Victorian cotton mill that was completely unused only a year ago. This has been set up entirely by 3 local coaches with no central funding – a really inspiring story.

As the international season is now in full swing Welsh Fencing would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to the following Welsh fencers that have been selected to represent Great Britain:

Selected for Budapest Cadet Foil international:

  • Harri Hayes, Russell Swords

Selected for Godollo Cadet Sabre International:

  • Ian Ren, Russell Swords
  • William Jolley, Shakespeare Swords
  • Megan Ware Russell Swords
  • Erin Corcoran Russell Swords

Selected for Luxembourg Junior Epee International:

  • George Morris, Stockport Fencing Club
  • Jack Cafaro (res), Llantwit Major

Selected for Riga Junior Epee International:

  • George Morris, Stockport Fencing Club

Selected for Klagenfurt Cadet Epee International:

  • Abigail Watkins, Malvern
  • Louise Sadler, Malvern

Congratulations to the athletes and their coaches! We wish you every success.

What a weekend for the welsh team at this year’s School Games at Loughborough University!

The whole team were a credit to themselves, their clubs and their country as they showed grit and determination to do their best, and a tremendous team spirit in helping and supporting others.

IanRenOne of the biggest weekends on the fencing calendar, the Cadet and Junior British National Championships took place at Sports Dock, UEL Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July.

Inspired perhaps by the Wales football win the Friday night before, Welsh fencers took to the piste with a skip in their step and determination to achieve their best.

Ian Ren of Russell Swords was declared the first British Champion of the weekend in Cadet Men's Sabre. A huge achievement at the age of 15.

Congratulations to all the fencers who took part, and best of luck for the rest of the season!

For the full set of Welsh results, click here...

Congratulations to all fencers who represented the Wales region at this years British Youth Championships!

Another year and another lot of fantastic results to report. This year we took home 14 top 8 finishes, 5 of those being top 4 and one of those a finalist!

Special mentions to:

  • Erin Cocoran - SILVER U14 girls sabre
  • Megan Ware - BRONZE U16 girls sabre
  • Amy Westwell - BRONZE U12 girls sabre
  • Ian Ren - BRONZE U16 boys sabre
  • Henry Talbot - BRONZE U18 boys sabre
  • Gracie Jenkins - 5th Under 14 girls sabre
  • Heulwen Hill - 5th U18 girls foil
  • Abigail Watkins - 5th U16 girls epee
  • Dylan Galazka - 6th U12 boys sabre
  • Charlotte Smith - 7th U12 girls epee
  • Rhiannon Craig - 8th U12 girls epee
  • Jack Cafaro - 8th U18 boys epee
  • Max Brindle - 8th U14 boys sabre
  • Amy Chapman-Parsons - 8th U16 girls sabre

Medals aside, the Welsh contingency showed support not only for fellow club mates, but as a whole body. It was fantastic to watch everyone come together, congratulate and encourage each other throughout the day. We also want to take a moment to thank Owen Edwards, Celyn Lewis and Megan Ware who gave up time to referee as well as compete this year in order to help ensure the competition ran smooth.

Well done, fencers, parents and coaches!

The full results are.....