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June 12, 2022


by Mark Ridsdale

As an organisation, we recognise that communication causes us significant issues.  We find this primarily when communicating team selection, as we rely heavily on emails.  Its an extremely time-consuming process, especially when we have to rely on email addresses held within the BFA Membership system (Sport80).  Not everyone sees or responds to these emails in a timely manner.

In an attempt to address this, we will be introducing a new tool, teamo.  teamo is a GDPR-compliant communication platform.  Using a social media model, this smart phone app will enable better, more immediate, communication. For for detail, follow the link to the teamo website, here: teamo website. From here, you can find full details of the features, plus useful videos of how to use it.  You can also install the app from the home page, either via iTunes or Google play.

To register, follow the link: https://www.teamo.chat/club/register/welshfencing

December 02, 2020

Teamo FAQ

by Mark Ridsdale

Teamo provide an extensive support section on their website.

For video tutorials on how to use the app, click here: videos

For FAQ, click here: FAQ.

If you still dont have the answer to your question, you can contact teamo direct via their website.

If your query is more related to the use of teamo at Welsh Fencing, please email me direct.  As queries come in, I will start to build a list of the queries & responses on this page.

Following an email from one of our users, the following queries were raised with teamo; the responses are shown below.

teamo may disclose your data to third parties for our legitimate interests, such as governing and representative bodies of sport and recreation, to improve the management and administration of sport within their area. However, if we do this, you will be notified and can opt out at any point.

Yes, you can. You do not have to download the app if you would prefer to just use the desktop version you can register with your email as well. However, you will not receive notifications through the system; one of the major benefits.

teamo collect certain Personal Data using cookies and other technologies such as web beacons, device IDs, advertising IDs, geolocation, HTML5 local storage, Flash cookies, and IP addresses. They specifically use browser cookies for different purposes, including cookies that are strictly necessary for functionality and cookies that are used for personalisation, performance/analytics, and advertising. They are also collected for internal purposes related to certain research, analytics, innovation, testing, monitoring, customer communication, and administrative purposes.

You can opt out of this by blocking cookies on your desktop.

Cookies do not apply to mobile devices, so do not apply to the smart phone app

teamo do not have advertising on the app for any teams or clubs that are on paid packages. So this does not apply to Welsh fencing. We are on a paid package supporting up to 200 users.

Payments are processed using Stripe. They are used by thousands of businesses worldwide, all payments processed by Stripe are PCI level 1 compliant - the highest level of security. Teamo do not store or hold any card details, your card details are only linked to your account. This is exactly the same as paying for your BFA Membership through Sport80. The card details are entered once only, and held within Stripe (not the app or teamo). You can then easily authorise payments within the app.

If you would prefer to pay with Cash or Bank Transfer and not insert your card details at all then we can cater to this and mark this in the app.

The app will enable you to see all of the upcoming competitions, training sessions and social events for the team. We are also using this as our main way of communication with our teams, selections and other important information. It easier than email (which often don’t get read as they drop into Junk/Spam folders) and enables notifications. You can then respond by a simple tap in the app. It is also possible to message everyone in the team from one place, and check who has seen the message.

December 02, 2020

teamo blog

by Mark Ridsdale

Welsh Fencing are featured on the teamo blog this week: https://teamo.chat/tweb/blog/index.jsp

teamo is the new app currenlty being rolled out to support improved communication and administration.  For more detail, follow this link: teamo partnership


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